Guiding the way to reason and progress

The Party of Reason and Progress (PORP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to informing the American public regarding modern political issues and policies. Our goal is to spur the election of intelligent, logical, and rational candidates interested foremost in moving our nation in a positive and progressive direction. Without the limitations of strict party platforms, such as those imposed by the current dominant political party dichotomy, PORP can approach each individual decision from a logical, rational, and reasonable standpoint with an emphasis on maintaining a strong separation of Church and State, ensuring universal civil liberties and social freedoms, and cutting economic costs by limiting unnecessary military spending and reducing bureaucratic waste.

David G. McAfee

Founder & President

David G. McAfee is a Religious Studies graduate, journalist, and author of Atheist Answers: Rational Responses to Religious Questions, The Book of Gods, The Belief Book, Mom, Dad, I’m an Atheist: The Guide to Coming Out as a Non-believer, and Disproving Christianity and other Secular Writings. He is also the founder of The Party of Reason and Progress and a frequent contributor to American Atheist Magazine. McAfee, who writes about science, skepticism, and faith, attended University of California, Santa Barbara and graduated with bachelor’s degrees in English and Religious Studies with an emphasis on Christianity and Mediterranean religions.

Brett Kokinadis

Chief Operating Officer

Brett Kokinadis is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in developing high-tech solutions for business communications, financial and mobile markets. He is the founder and CEO of Openfax and AttendMe.io, a general partner at GoRoadWorthy, and investor and former COO of SportXast. Startups that he has launched or been involved in have won numerous awards, including GITEX Dubai Strut Up Finalist, Sprockit 2014 StartUp / National Association of Broadcasters, Disney Diversity, and Amazon AWS Re:Invent 2013 Launch Partner.  Brett also serving as a special adviser to Mr. Jeff Apodaca’s campaign for Governor of New Mexico on technology policy for the future of New Mexico. He also has two pet dogs.

Jerame Clough

Chief Political Officer

Jerame Clough is a State Committee Man of the 8th Legislative District Democratic Central Committee in Washington State, was a Democratic endorsed candidate the Washington State legislature in 2010 and 2012, and is a former US Infantry Marine. He has lived in Beijing, China and Seoul, South Korea, and taught English in Akashi, Japan for 3 years. He has been a member of the Hanford Economic development Advisory Board, Mid-Columbia Master Singers, and Hanford Reach Interpretive Center. Is Roman Catholic, and his and his wife have two young children: their son Aisuke and daughter Kennedy.

Jon Owens

Chief Financial Officer

Jon Owens studied political science and criminal justice at Loyola University Chicago. During his time there he worked for Grassroots Inc. raising money for the Obama campaign. He has also been involved with YP4 the youth wing for People for the American Way. Currently he works in banking and enjoys pop culture trivia.