Guiding the way to reason and progress

The Party of Reason and Progress (PORP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to informing the American public regarding modern political issues and policies. Our goal is to spur the election of intelligent, logical, and rational candidates interested foremost in moving our nation in a positive and progressive direction. Without the limitations of strict party platforms, such as those imposed by the current dominant political party dichotomy, PORP can approach each individual decision from a logical, rational, and reasonable standpoint with an emphasis on maintaining a strong separation of Church and State, ensuring universal civil liberties and social freedoms, and cutting economic costs by limiting unnecessary military spending and reducing bureaucratic waste.

Jon Owens

Chief Financial Officer

Jon Owens studied political science and criminal justice at Loyola University Chicago. He currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the Party of Reason and Progress. Jon cares deeply about civil rights, immigration reform, and economic policy. He works in banking and has 2 dogs.

Nancy Sawyer Milnes

Visual Communications Manager

Nancy Sawyer Milnes is a freelance web and graphic designer. Previously, she worked as the communication specialist for the Kellogg Institute for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame. She has used her communication skills as a social activist and educator at levels ranging from the local to international, producing relevant messaging with both print and electronic media.

Dr. Michael Ham

Co-Producer / Politics with Reason

Michael Ham is a PhD physicist who does research at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He has worked on liquid nitrogen powered cars, neural networks, computer vision, nano-second scale imaging and historical data analysis.

Michael has long held an interest in politics and has even attempted to run for the US Senate. He now has an interest in helping others succeed in their attempts to win public office, especially those with a pro-science background.

Dr. Ben Janaway


Dr Benjamin Janaway is a physician, journalist and author. As a Graduate award winner in Community engagement, he strives to use fact to bring people together toward the common good. He writes regularly for high profile politics, health and news sites, and is a contributor to a highly respected ThinkTank.  His interest area is evolutionary and social psychology, neurology and political behaviour. Follow drjanaway online.