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Dr Benjamin Janaway

The idea of psychics is one ingrained in our culture. Whilst many may delight in ‘mentalist’ magicians, who seem to read minds, others have dramatized the concept for literature and film. And yet, much like the idea of clairvoyance, the idea seems to lack any real proof. But still, people believe it; Putting together an article[…]

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It is a human fascination to consider the ‘afterlife.’ For many of us, the idea of the end being the actual end is quite macabre. But the vast majority of those on earth believe in something ‘bigger.’ Whether it be it the concept of ‘heaven’ or ‘reincarnation’, we humans have made an answer to the[…]

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potentization homeopathy debunked

So having thoroughly debunked the premises of homeopathy, let’s turn to the ‘big picture.’ Or indeed, ‘big pharma.‘ Many advocates of homeopathy portend that ‘medical drugs are an illusion and that homeopathy is the cure.’ Moreover, that pharmaceutical companies are ‘all in on it’ and that this renders ‘mainstream medicine’ obsolete. Already there is enough[…]

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