Politics Within Reason: U.S. congressional candidate Jess Phoenix (CA-25)

Politics Within Reason is proud to welcome volcano scientist Jess Phoenix, a 2018 Democratic congressional candidate in California’s 25th district, on a bonus edition of the podcast.

Phoenix discusses BluePrint Earth, a non-profit organization she developed to help preserve earth through environmental cataloguing that grants students opportunities to work in the field with data-based projects that help engineer a bright future. She believes her dedication to the planet and background provides a unique platform to help combat ideological and sensationalist politicians like President Donald Trump from gaining greater authority.

As a candidate with a personal connection to gun violence, Phoenix believes that viable candidates must not be frightened by the National Rifle Association in order to create more meaningful, deliberate conversations about gun control and violence in the United States.

From climate change to objective-based policy and a stern background of bravery, loyalty, and integrity provided by her former FBI-agent parents, Phoenix looks to the 2018 midterm elections as her chance to take a big step for science, women’s rights, and a progressive agenda – all of which she discusses with host Michael Ham.

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